Event Sustainability Services

Sustainability Consulting and Sustainable Event Management (SEM) Planning

Zuri Ignite helps its clients develop and implement SEM plans for large conferences and events. SEM is now a major part of companies’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives as is sustainability reporting.

 Zero Waste Event Management

A “Zero Waste Event” engages in the Zero Waste philosophy by reducing waste in terms of purchasing, usage and disposal of resources before, during and after an event. The goal of a Zero Waste event is to strive towards 100% diversion of waste from a landfill or incineration endpoint. This involves detailed and systematic planning to ensure all of the material is sustainably sourced and is able to be reused, recycled (sent to be made into new products) or composted (sent to be made into a soil supplement).

Sustainability Reporting

What gets measured gets managed. Zuri Ignite measures its success in this field by providing environmental analysis/reports to our clients post-event. Not only is this socially and environmentally responsible, it is great PR for any company.

Online Delegate Management 

Our online Delegate Management System (i-DMS) is a vital tool for sustainable conference management. We provide a total paperless, planet friendly system. Delegates register online and receive all communication from our office electronically, including maps, directions and conference materials.